torsdag 26. august 2010

The Butterfly Circus

The Butterfly Circus I believe is about being different and still making the most out of your life. In the movie we see a man with out lems. In the first circus he is in, he just sits at a chair and get laughed at.
When the manager of The Buttfly Circus see his preformance, the man without lems decides to join his circus instead. He have to work really hard to be in the show. They don't give him any advantage due to his disabilaty, they make him learn something on his own.
On day the circus hangs out by the riverside in the nice summer weather, the man falls into the water. To prevent himself from drowing, he learns how to swim.
This was the start of a new life for the little man. It is a very touching short movie, and I think it shows us that we can do mostly what ever we want to if we just set our minds at it.
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fredag 20. august 2010

Me, myself and English

Hi, I'm Erle and this is my blog.

I have chosen International English because language is always something you will need. It makes you capable to communicate with people like yourself from other countries that doesn't have English as their native language. I love traveling, meeting new people and see new places, therefore I believe this class is something I will enjoy.

I hope I will learn about other english speaking cultures. I also want to become a better writer and emprove my English as much as possible.

I think watching movies, reading books and discussing different subjects will help me learn more English and expand my vocabulary.
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