fredag 20. august 2010

Me, myself and English

Hi, I'm Erle and this is my blog.

I have chosen International English because language is always something you will need. It makes you capable to communicate with people like yourself from other countries that doesn't have English as their native language. I love traveling, meeting new people and see new places, therefore I believe this class is something I will enjoy.

I hope I will learn about other english speaking cultures. I also want to become a better writer and emprove my English as much as possible.

I think watching movies, reading books and discussing different subjects will help me learn more English and expand my vocabulary.
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4 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Erle!

    In my opinion you already have a an expanded vocabulary, because you write very good English! Looking forward read more from you!XD

    x gossip boy

  2. Very good Erle!
    I very much liked your blog so far :D haha

  3. Hi Erle!
    I think you will get the perfect chance to expand your vocabulary when your bestfriends from Holland come to visit you very soon! Looking forward to read more of your blog.


  4. Hi Erle!

    It has been great to be in the same English class as you this year, you are a wonderful person and really funny! I hope your expectations you had for this year has come true:) I think we definitely have learned about other English speaking cultures and written a lot, so hopefully you have become a better writer! And I think you have, because your blog posts are very good!

    If you have chosen English next year to, I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot!