torsdag 30. september 2010

The Kite Runner

We are reading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini in class. The story is very capturing and real right from the beggining. The first page introduce one of the main characters in away that gets you curious and makes you want to read more.
Just a short quote from the top of the first page in the book:
"I became what I am today at the age of twelve, on a frigid overcast day in the winter of 1975."
So far I have read a few chapters, and I am looking forwards to see how the story ends.

Amir struggles through the whole book, just to get his father’s recognition. Until the moment where Amir wins the Kite tournament. Amir has never felt worthy of being his son. As he says in the book, all he ever wanted is to to be approved by Baba. Amir believes that it is his fault that his mother died giving birth to him, and that Baba hates him for taking his wife away. Baba loved Amir’s mother very much.

For a couple of weeks after the tournament, Amir feels like his father's son. It is a bitter sweet feeling for Amir. He do have his father's recognition, but he has lost his best friend, Hassan.

One of the very strong realtionships that shines through Khaled Hosseini's writing, is friendship. There is a very strong linkning between Amir and Hassan. They grew up together and have played with eachother sience they where babies. Hassan is the one of them that would do anything for his friend, and he does. He always stand up for Amir, protect him against Assef and his gang. "For you a thounsand times over!" that's what Hassan repeatedly says to Amir. After they are separated as children, Amir returns to Afghanistan from America many years later, looking for redemption.

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torsdag 16. september 2010

Advice to fellow students

In class we read an article about how students who use facebook while studying don't get the same results as those who don't use facebook. I don't think facebook in particular is the problem. If it isn't facebook, it's always something else. So to say that facebook is the reason why some students don't preform that well, is wrong in my opinion. The problem is that we can't control ourselves. It is too easy to just drift away on the internet, stop focusing on what's going on in class, and just play a game, read some news, or what might be in your interest.

What do you think? I believe it is a individual question. But I do also think there is some truth in that multitasking in class isn't the best way to learn. You can't focus on what the teacher is saying, take notes and at the same time play a game. But to make facebook the bad guy is not right.
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torsdag 2. september 2010

Erin B - how to make a difference

Title: Erin Brockovich

Director: Steven Soderbergh

Written by: Susannah Grant

The movie Erin Brockovich is a about a young single mother, without any work, three young children, and no education. Erin struggles with getting ends to meet, and it doesn't get any better when no one wants to hire her. When her lawyer doesn't give her the help that she needs after a case gone bad, she shows up at his office, demanding him to hire her when no one else will.
That is the kick off for Erins new career. Erin works really hard at the office, and gets into a big case, actually the biggest lawsuit through American history so far. From being a unemployed single mother, she gets to work with some of the greatest lawyers in the state of California. After working on an 18 months long case, sacrificing her familiy for success, they win the case. Keeping your mind at that this film is based on reality, it shows us that everything is possible if you just set your mind at it and work really hard, just like Erin did. She had no law school education, just willingness and determination.
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