torsdag 16. september 2010

Advice to fellow students

In class we read an article about how students who use facebook while studying don't get the same results as those who don't use facebook. I don't think facebook in particular is the problem. If it isn't facebook, it's always something else. So to say that facebook is the reason why some students don't preform that well, is wrong in my opinion. The problem is that we can't control ourselves. It is too easy to just drift away on the internet, stop focusing on what's going on in class, and just play a game, read some news, or what might be in your interest.

What do you think? I believe it is a individual question. But I do also think there is some truth in that multitasking in class isn't the best way to learn. You can't focus on what the teacher is saying, take notes and at the same time play a game. But to make facebook the bad guy is not right.
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  1. I agree with you. The important thing here is to reflect on you own learning and how you spend you time when you are preparing for school.