fredag 3. desember 2010


Its finally here, its the time of year
31 days,

A month such warm and tender
Inside all the loving minds something lies,
Its Christmas

The smell reach my nose of gingerbread
in the stove,
By the fireplace hangs the stockings filled and ready
Its Christmas

All around the world
Lights are shining for those who're poor
Who stays alone at night,
For them the lights are shining bright
Its Christmas

Its the time to show your devotion,
To cross an ocean, if necessarily
Love is all that matters when we celebrate the birth of
Jesus Christ

The joy of Christmas all lays in mind
Of those willing and kind,
To make a difference, to give away a smile and a hand to hold,
Its Christmas

The mistletoe hanging from above
Gives those who loves each other an excuse to kiss
To fulfill the dreams of those tender lips
The dreams and wishes of love awaked by the holiday,

Its Christmas

The image used is requirement of creative commons.

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