torsdag 20. januar 2011

9 11

9/11 was the date when many thousands Americans dialed 911, more than usual. It stands in memory as milestone, and was a change in American history as we know it today. This film 9/11 tells the story from the inside, from a firefighter’s perspective and role.

Two French brothers had for months been filming for a documentary that was meant to be a film about the life off a firefighter at the New York fire department. Instead it turned out to be a chocking and real documentary telling a strong story from an insider’s perspective on the event of 9/11.

In the movie we get to know Tony, a rookie at the Manhattan, New York fire department. The two French brothers have decided to follow him on his way to becoming a real fire fighter. Tony seems to be a white cloud as the guys at the house call it. There are white clouds and there are black clouds. The white clouds are rookies on duty without experiencing fires for a long time. The black clouds are the opposite, and when they are on duty it seems to always be a huge fire somewhere.
“Be careful what you wish for” the guys always tell Tony, because they can see that he is waiting for his first big challenge.

On September 10 the French brothers are making dinner for the fire department. They are all sitting around the table eating a leg of lamb. They only made three, and I bet on of the fire fighters could eat one each. Despite the lack of lamb, they where all having a great time, and the brothers really felt as one of the guys. This memorable night was everything the next day wouldn’t be. Almost without worries and not a thought of what was waiting them the next morning.

On the morning of September 11, one of the French brothers was with the chief just checking a gas leak. That was when a plane was seen flying over New York City and crashed into the World Trade Center. Everyone was looking against the two towers, Manhattan and New York’s trademark. It was as taken out from a movie, but this wasn’t a movie, it was real.

Not more than fifteen minutes later the center was filled up with fire fighters from all over New York that wanted to help the civilians inside the Trade Center. As they entered the center, one of the brothers saw a woman on fire, but he didn’t want to film it, because he thought no one should see such a horrible sight. Some people where helped out from the building and brought into security, but many thousands died. As time went by the started to hear big cracks as people jumped and landed on the ground.

On the other side of town, Tony the rookie was sitting as the only one left at the fire department taking calls. It was unbearable sitting there alone not being able to do anything knowing that his “brothers” where risking their lives inside the World Trade Center. Tony said in an interview after the film was done that the reason he wanted to be a fire fighter was because he wanted to save lives, but after this he was prepared to go to war if he had to. Go to war to kill.

In this picture fire men are carrying the pastor out from the tower that just collapsed.

After a while on more plane hit the building next to the World Trade Center, and soon the Twin Towers would be leveled with the ground. People all over New York where in shook, and running around trying to get a hold of their loved ones.

Both the brothers where involved in very dangerous situations that day, but they both survived as all the other fire fighters at the department. They caught it all on tape; the people running around in the streets, fire men in their uniforms sitting dusty and covered in blood after trying to save as many lives as possible, and the World Trade Center falling to the ground. They filmed it all from the inside, and that is what makes this documentary so special. The solidarity at the fire house and the Americans united in the streets, no matter race or skin color.

In the film you can see the pastor praying when he stands inside the lobby helping the other fire fighters.
The memory of those who died that day should never be forgotten and we should work hard in the future to prevent something like this happen again. This day was not only a loss for USA, but for the whole world. We all remember what we did that day, and how the fear wouldn’t disappear for a long time. This film tells a story that should be told and I highly recommend it.

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  1. Really like your reflections on the movie and the incident. You manage to get a lot of the movie into your writing and you mention a issues I think are important too. Nice ending too!